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3 Secret Ways To Find Out If Your Friend Is A Backstabber

By on September 6, 2019
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Do you really trust your friends? 100%? Is there anyone who you feel hmmm about? Today’s video is all about finding out the backstabber, the “friend” that seems really nice and very supportive of you but when you turn around they say horrible things about you. If you want to find out how to unmask them, watch this video.

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This kind of friend will pretend to show they are very happy for you BUT deep inside they are competing with you in almost everything. Pay close attention. If you buy a dress, they will buy 2, if you buy a new car, they will ensure to get one more expensive than yours.  If you get pregnant, guess who gets pregnant? *nods head*

True friends are not constantly trying to be a step ahead of you. They walk along with you and they are genuinely happy for your accomplishments. So if you have a friend like this, pay close attention. They do not really care about you as a friend.


Their way or the highway. These kind of friends get very offended if you disagree with them and they make you feel guilty because you didn’t give in. Or what is worse, after having an argument with you they go around and tell everybody their version of what happened and they try to paint you as someone insensitive and selfish. These “friends” are not afraid to speak bad about you when you’re not around or worse, throw you under the bus to save themselves Stay away from them.


Think about the most important moments in your life or when you needed someone to talk to. Were they around? Did they really listen what you have to say or the conversation always seem to turn to their direction? And at the end of the conversation, everything seemed to have turned around them rather than you. This kind of “friends” are users and they are only sticking around because they are getting something from you but as soon as you stop providing whatever they need, they will drop you in a heartbeat.

I know it is hard to discover that someone you care about is a backstabber but I also think it is important to know because you don’t want people to take advantage of your kindness and friendship so I hope these tips can help you and always remember: We do not lose friends, we just learn who our real ones are.




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