3 Warning Signs You Are Being Taken For Granted By Your Partner

By on September 26, 2019
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Every single person wants to feel loved and appreciated. Relationships are all about nurturing, if you don’t nurture that love things will start falling apart. No one wants to feel unappreciated. In today’s video I will tell you 3 warning signs you are being taken for granted by your partner. And once you find out these 3 signs, it is time to sit down and have a long talk.

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So what are the 3 warning signs that you are being taken for granted by your partner?


They no longer say things like please and thank you. If you took your time to create their favorite meal they don’t say thing like “I really appreciate that you took the time to do this for me” or if you had to take an extra shift at work to make more money, they don’t seem concerned and they don’t even talk about it.  No one wants to be glorified but I think for a relationship to be successful and healthy, you have to acknowledge and appreciate your partner’s efforts and hard work. It is not good to think that you shouldn’t bother because “they already know that”. No, they don’t unless you tell them.


Life always gets in its way BUT you should always be your partner’s priority. Granted, they might not be able to show it in the way you wanted at all times BUT if they are constantly putting other people first and cancelling your plans very regularly then you can be sure you are being taken for granted. All relationships involve some sort of sacrifice so it shouldn’t be only one side given it all while the other seems to struggle to show they even care.


Do you find yourself sharing your feelings to your partner and the person thinks that you are making a big deal about and completely disregards how it made you feel? That’s a big sign that you are being taken for granted. Even if your partner does not feel you are justified to feel in a particular way, they would still show their love and support by comforting you and by making you feel they are there for you.  They won’t disregard your feelings. Everyone has emotional needs, and if your partner is not making an effort to meet those needs it means they don’t think they are as important and you are being taken for granted.

If you are going through some of the things I shared with you today, please make sure to speak with your partner and be honest, let them know how all of this is making you feel and what can be done to resolve it.





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