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Why Creamy Avocado Is So Good For you

By on May 4, 2017
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creamy avocado

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If there is one thing that can bring a smile to my face in a matter of seconds is a nice, delicious and creamy avocado (You too?!). Just thinking about it makes this grown woman shed a tear (can you imagine avocado on top of some crunchy tacos? Holy guacamole, I am getting hungry).

I don’t know about you guys but I believe avocados belong to a different category of fruits. They are incredibly nutritious and they contain almost twenty vitamins and minerals.

One of the things avocados are known for is the fact that they contain healthy fats. What does it mean exactly?  Well, healthy fats can help you lower bad cholesterol and some recent studies support the idea that eating avocados can help prevent metabolic syndrome, also known as “The new silent killer” which is basically a combination of three or more risks associated with heart disease and diabetes.

Let’s discuss some other properties, perhaps less popular of this wonderful fruit and why you should eat them/use them.


Avocados are full of anti-oxidants and they contain two phytochemicals (chemical compounds produced by plants) that are extremely important to your eye health: Lutein and zeaxanthin. Lutein may help maintain healthy eyesight as we get older and helps protects our eyes from cataracts and from macular degeneration, which is the leading cause of vision loss, affecting more than 10 million Americans (more than cataracts and glaucoma combined) according to the Macular Degeneration Foundation:

What is Macular Degeneration?

Avocados contain some of the highest levels of these two chemicals per serving of any fruit or vegetable.  I know, carrots are going to get jealous.


Avocados are so rich in antioxidants that can help you fight free-radicals (which are thought to cause aging). Basically avocados will diminish wrinkles, lines and give your skin a much younger appearance.  They are also great for moisturizing your skin, all you have to do is just spread some gorgeous creamy avocado gently on your face (or body) and leave it for around 15 minutes, then rinse with warm water and pat dry.

When you incorporate avocados in your diet, you will see significant changes to your face because the fatty acids from the avocado will help to soften your skin cells.

What about hair? Avocado oil (as well as olive oil) is great for the treatment of dry, lifeless hair and because it is a great source of vitamins, proteins and amino acids it can help your hair rejuvenate faster.


The main reason we become constipated is from lack of fiber in our diet. Why do we need fiber? Because it improves digestion and softens up the stool which results in doing #2 without major issues.

Avocados are rich in fiber (a medium size avocado contains around 14 g of fiber). What makes avocados unique is that they contain two types of fiber:  insoluble and soluble fiber. Both of them are very powerful in their own way.

Insoluble fiber helps with the cleaning out of your bowels which of course, would reduce significantly the chances of getting constipated. Soluble fiber is great for appetite control; it has the effect of making you feel full without adding many calories to your diet.


  1. Spread it on toast for a quick snack.
  2.  Make watermelon-avocado skewers.
  3. Make popsicles for a healthier snack.
  4. Grill it!
  5. Make a salad or “raw pasta” dressing (For example: For delicious zucchini noodles) Yum Yum!
  6. Slice them and make baked fries.
  7. Use it in a smoothie. (blend well)
  8. Make avocado cubes with mango salsa.
  9. Whirl it into hummus.
  10. Use it in mashed potatoes for a creamier dish.

What a marvelous fruit! I must confess all this writing about creamy avocado made me very hungry. Tell me, do you like avocados and how do you normally eat/use them?



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