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The Fundamentals Of Kindness

By on March 5, 2018
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Kindness is one of those misunderstood qualities that people often times, take for granted. It encompasses way more than just being generous, friendly, nice or considerate.

Being kind is rooted in love. In a kind of love we develop when we happily choose to remove ourselves from the vicious cycle of “me”. What *I* need, what *I* want and what *I* desire and we are able to see beyond ourselves.

We don’t merely feel moved by compassion…but we act on that feeling.

As we develop this quality, we come to the deep realization that there are many broken souls on this planet in much need of love, compassion, care just like we do and many times, even more…

During this journey, we also discover that our role doesn’t end in trying to be nice to others but it is a human, moral responsibility to help one another.


Kindness should never ever be considered a weakness or used to manipulate others. Even though, might not be as “flashy” or “fashionable” as the world wants everything to be, it is a rare/precious quality that I believe can save lives. Yes, lives.

Never ever take for granted the people who has been nothing but kind to you. Those are the ones you want to surround yourself with and treat well. Let me tell you, they are hard to find so when you do find them treat them with love, consideration and respect.

I admit it is a topic that I struggle to understand. As an empath, I want to believe each one of us have the desire to be kind and compassionate to those around us. Whether they are family, friends or complete strangers each one of us have a unique story, one that shaped us and made us who we are today.

I have one of those stories and I suppose this is why I feel more connected to those who are broken, in need or simply lonely.


Love yourself enough to the point of learning how to show compassion and kindness to yourself. It is only when we realize how important we are as individuals, we will come to the realization that we need to take care of ourselves, protect ourselves, love ourselves and show forgiveness to ourselves before reaching out to others.


We are quick to judge others based on how they look or how their lives turned out to be. Many times, without knowing why the person behaves in the way they do and why they are making the choices they are making.

Inside a person’s heart lies a lot that is left untold. Sometimes, even knowing these facts we show no care and continually judge the action without understanding (or care to understand) the root of those actions. Understanding those actions and why they were done, doesn’t justify bad behavior but it help us heal.

Sometimes all that is needed to help alleviate the pain of others is just being there for someone who might not have anyone else. Be their companion, their listener, their friend.

Our time and attention are the best tools we can use to reach out those who are in need. Never from a sympathy position (no one wants someone else to feel sorry for them or feel like they are a charity project) but from an empathetic, genuine concern for their well-being.



Often times I hear people say that there is a limit to kindness. I hear others say that people will take advantage of it over and over. Take you for granted and use you. Then when they can no longer get anything from you or they are tired of you, dump you.

You see, even though it is true that human nature is indeed selfish it shouldn’t stop us from showing compassion and care towards others. It might well be that some will take advantage of it (with or without realizing it) but a lot of people will be indeed grateful.

A part of kindness consists in loving people more than we think they deserve. We should never ever allow the ingratitude of a few, stop us from reaching out many who are in need of a little human care and love.


Kindness is about giving HOPE to a lot of people who think they are alone in this world. It is not merely watching someone cry or in need and we think “Oh my goodness, I feel so bad for this person” and we continue moving on with our lives.

No, kindness is love in action. It is us reaching out to one of those persons and DOING something about it.

Sometimes, all they need is someone to be there for them. Be that somebody who makes everybody you meet feel like somebody. A kind gesture can reach a wound that only love and compassion can heal. We have the ability to transform lives for the better.


Be generous, and compassionate towards EVERYONE you meet but wise enough to be selective of those who you are willing to share your heart. The right people will never take you for granted or leave you when they no longer need you. They will know who they have in their lives, cherish it, respect you and treat you with the same kindness that you have shown them.

If they do the opposite, you will have to realise that sometimes forgiveness and love means to walk away for good so you don’t perpetually put yourself in a situation where you always end up hurt.

If you share of your heart and kindness towards the right people, you will never be taken advantage of or taken for granted.


If we all do one random act of kindness every day, we might just set the world in the right direction. Because in a world, where you can be anything choose to be kind.

Be a light in someone’s dark path. Be that kind, sweet memory someone holds on to in order to make it another day.

There are people in need all around us if we pay attention. Today, make a choice.

Be a caring earthly angel to someone in desperate need of a celestial touch.



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