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The True You

By on June 4, 2019
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The True You

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When I was a little girl, I never liked the story of the ugly duckling. I always thought it was heartbreaking how others around him rejected him. He was bullied, ostracized and forced to go from one place to another in order to avoid being constantly abused just because he didn’t look in the way others expected him to look.

It was only when he grew up and discovered that he was a beautiful swan he came to accept himself. I know this is one of those stories that people love because it talks about personal transformation and yet that transformation, in this case physical, which took place is what made others accept him. If he didn’t physically change, the story would have had another ending.

These are times where there is a lot of pressure to be or to look in a particular way in order to be accepted. The true you seems to be buried deeper and deeper as time goes by and you become a person that you no longer recognize.

One of the things we need to remember is that we only have one shot at this life, just one. We can continue wasting our time pretending in front of others to become more likeable or popular because that’s what they expect from us OR stop and start thinking where our lives are heading and whether or not we are living a lie.

Everyone has things they would like to change for the better and the process is wonderful but don’t give up your uniqueness just because it doesn’t fit the little mold society has prepared for you.



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