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How To Deal With Negativity In The Workplace

By on December 3, 2017
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Well, hello there.  Hope you guys are doing terrific. I believe this topic is perhaps one of those topics that bring out a lot of emotion on people. We all have been there.

The truth is that we spend countless hours outside our home, working along many different kinds of people. All of them have different backgrounds, stories, needs and attitudes.

So is it possible to get along with every single person at work including those who might be perceived as having a negative attitude?

Let me start by saying that perhaps there isn’t such a thing as difficult people. Surprised? I know you are reading this and you are shouting at your screen saying: Of course there is! I get it…but hear me out.

Perhaps what we are only observing is actually a difficult behavior and not necessarily how the person inherently truly is or wants to be?


Let me explain, we are the conjunction of all our life experiences (the good, the bad and the ugly) since the time we were born until this very second. It isn’t surprising to notice that each one of us was raised very much different.  Our ethics, morals, thought process and even family culture differs from one another.

Some individuals were raised by loving parents who took very good care of them and made them feel loved and wanted. Others were born without a mother or father trying their very best. In some cases, some persons were raised without both parents and grew up with relatives or an orphanage.

As life took its course, and we all got older, other experiences have shaped us on to make us who we are. The way we think, express ourselves and react to things is the total equation of all those experiences and more.

So perhaps when faced with “difficult people” we should start seeing stories, rather than individuals. Sometimes those stories are in the open for everyone to see but most of the time, those stories are inside each one of us, well-hidden as a method of self-protection.

But just because we don’t get to see them, doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

Chronic negative behavior is a symptom of other underlined issues. A lot of time, associated with depression, insecurity and inadequacy.

I know it is hard to see individuals in this manner, but WE are also the product of our circumstances.


A lot of times, those who are deemed as negative are because they have no one to talk to so they choose to rant. If you are willing and you are strong emotionally, why not lend a listening ear to someone who might be in need of empathy instead of gossiping? I know it might not work in all cases.

There are people who are in need of professional counseling but at least you are giving them the opportunity to express their emotions and feel someone care. Everyone has the need of having their thoughts and feelings validated.

Even those who we might think are too negative to care. But if that person was us, wouldn’t we want someone caring enough to listen what we have to say?

How To Deal With Negativity In The Workplace


Even the most negative of persons, have positive attributes. Unfortunately, as human beings we dwell on the negative aspects of an individual. After all, sometimes they can really push us to that extend and it isn’t an easy thing to deal with.

However, when we start observing and discovering that the person has indeed many positive attributes and talents, our own empathy grows. And when that empathy extends itself, deep understanding of their circumstances arises rather than judgement.


It doesn’t take that much to give a smile to someone who might have the need of one, even if it is not reciprocated in the manner we expect. We do it because we want to show we care, not because we expect the same kindness will be reciprocated to us.

Sometimes, negative people cannot see beyond their eyesight due to depression and other related issues. However, it doesn’t mean they don’t have the need of kindness, care and love. We all do.


It might piss some people off so be prepared for that but don’t let that stop you from being a positive influence in your workplace. You can have a marvelous influence in the dynamics and atmosphere at work by simply choosing to have a cheerful disposition.

I believe we all can agree that there is enough negativity in the world. When you are happy with yourself, it shows. The greatest thing about positivity is that it is contagious. And people WILL want to know how to achieve the same feeling you have despite life challenges. It is all about the attitude, not the hurdles.

It takes only one person to influence others to do well. We can be that one person that can make all the difference. Do you have any experiences with negativity at work?



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