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Sea Water And How You Can Do It All At Home

By on October 22, 2017
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There is something magical about sea water. I dare to say that puts you in such a good mood (ok ok living in the Caribbean helps 🙂 ) but no, really it does. I don’t live too far from the beach so I tend to go quite often. It is one of my favorite things to do (when we are in dry season but when it is rainy season, I don’t like it too much).

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There is something so intriguing in the connection I feel when I am around nature, sea or animals. It is hard to explain with words but let’s just say that it makes me feel happy and complete. It is an amazing feeling that reminds me that all of us are part of this beautiful planet and we need to take good care of it.

Take a look at this huge beetle I saw at the beach the other day! It is so gorgeous isn’t? It is called a Harlequin beetle.


I also made a little crabby friend. She is posing for the picture. Absolutely adorable!


Now, about that sea water…it possesses endless benefits. Let me share with you a few and if you don’t live near a beach, don’t worry at the end of this blog post I will tell you how to mimic the whole experience.


Sea salt is amazing for your skin. Our bodies possess almost the same concentration of minerals and nutrients as sea water, very similar to human plasma. If you happen to have acne or any other similar condition, sea water can be very beneficial. One of my sons had athlete foot, and no amount of creams would alleviate or solve the issue. However, when we started going to the beach more often I noticed a significant improvement.


If you are stressed, nervous or you need a break sea water can be an amazing tool to help you relax. Just let the water touch your feet. Close your eyes think positive and let the sea water do its magic.

If you live near the beach, hearing the sound of the waves can be extremely relaxing. It is no surprising to see that the reason we love water so much it is because we are MADE of water! (2/3)

Don’t worry, at the end of this blog post I will tell you how you can bring the beach at your HOME!

Sea Water And How You Can Do It All At Home


If you are irritable because you are having a stuffy nose, go to the beach. You will notice that after a day spent at the beach your stuffy nose will be gone. That’s because your contact with salt water cleans your nasal passages naturally. The same applies if your sinus is acting up, sea water will clear everything away beautifully and you will want to be at the beach every day!


Another huge added benefit for me is that children love it. When I take my boys to the beach, especially my middle son (who shows the most characteristics of classic autism) I can actually see him “playing”. It is a delight to watch. He loves the sand and water and it is an incredibly relaxing experience for him. He tends to observe people around him more, too and overall, it is a therapeutic experience for my boys.


I know it is most likely that you don’t live near a beach but you can still enjoy the benefits of sea water and the sounds of wave’s right at home.

If my boys get sick, one of the first things I do is fill my bathtub with lukewarm water. Not too hot, not to cold but hot enough so it can work (be very careful so you don’t burn yourself!). Then I add some Epsom salts, so the water has to be hot enough for the salt to dissolve evenly.

Epsom salts are incredibly good for many reasons. But mostly, they have anti-inflammation properties that can be used to fight illness (among other things). So if I see my boys showing any symptoms of illness, I put them in the tub right away and let me tell you… it works wonderfully!

What is Epsom Salt?

I usually let them soak in the water for a couple of hours. I put their toys or even music to keep them calm and entertained and after leaving the tub, they feel much better.

If you are vomiting or your child is vomiting, please try this. Soak for a few hours and you will see how the vomiting will stop. This is also great when your child might not want to drink anything and you might be afraid they will become dehydrated. The salt water will penetrate their skin and hydrate them naturally. The key is to have the water at the right temperature; you don’t want the water cold.


But you don’t need to be sick to do this! You can do it after a long day at work and it will prove to be very relaxing.


The same applies for your nasal passage/sinus issues. Salt water washes out thick or dry mucus (too graphic? Hahaha). Even though you can buy your own saline solution, why spend money when you can make your own?

  • Add 1 cup of distilled water to a clean container.
  • Then 0.5 tsp salt to the water.
  • Finally 0.5 tsp of baking soda.

You can buy a medical syringe or perhaps you already have a nasal cleansing pot. Just fill it with the saline solution and insert the tip into your nostril and squeeze carefully. Blow your nose gently after the saline but make sure you don’t do it too hard.

What about those beach waves huh? 😉 Well, if it is raining too much here in the tropics but I still want to feel like I am at the beach, I go to YouTube and download sound videos of the ocean.

Now, don’t kill the idea before trying it. They are very relaxing, especially after a long day at work. You just lie down; put some candles all around your room. Make sure your bed feels comfortable. Put your earphones on, close your eyes and let those sounds of beach waves penetrate your mind and soul. You will be surprised how much it reminds you of the beach and how relaxed you will be after a few sessions.

As you can see, the endless benefits of sea water aren’t only found at the beach but at home too. And the enjoyment of listening to the wonderful sound of beach waves can also be done from the comfort of your own bed.

Do you know of any other benefits of sea water? I can’t wait to read your replies! Let me know in your comments below. 🙂



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