Your Lover Wants To Hear You Say These 3 Things Tonight

By on October 1, 2019
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Sometimes between work, family, problems and responsibilities we tend to forget that communication is a vital aspect in a relationship. So I hope today’s video can bring a little more understand about the things your partner needs to hear from you to night.

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Often times, we assume that our other-half already knows how we feel about them and it might be true but we all need and want to hear those words coming from the mouth of the person we love.

So besides I love you, these are some of the things your partner needs to hear from you tonight.


I know you might want to vent and tell your partner how awful your day was but be careful and don’t use them as a venting dump. Ask them something as simple as how was your day and let them be the focus. Listen carefully to what they have to say and offer comfort if needed. After that, you can share how your day was and hopefully you both can support each other.



With these words, you are telling your partner that you enjoy spending time with them, that you enjoy their company and that besides loving them, you like them. Who doesn’t want to hear that? These words speak of an emotional connection every couple should have and it is a great way to let your partner know that they are loved.


There are many other ways to say this but I am keeping it for all ages, your partner needs to know that you are physically attracted to them as well. Particularly, if both of you have been together for a very long time. Compliment them regularly and again, don’t assume they know. They want and they need to hear it from you.

Little things can amount to greater things, so I hope you can tell your partner these things tonight and if you do, please leave a comment on the section below and let me know how it went.





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